My Story

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Hi! My name is Rhonda! I was late joining Facebook but when I did, I saw someone on there sewing. It brought back nostalgic memories of childhood when I would sew with my Grandma who raised me. I decided I would start back sewing and pass the knowledge down to my children and grandchildren. Much to my surprise, I didn’t even remember how to sew. But I did remember how I felt when I was sewing with Grandma. One day, I was walking in the mall and saw a person embroidering. I had never seen embroidery actually being done. I stood there almost hypnotized as I watched the embroidery come to life right before my eyes. It was like watching an artist paint a canvas but with thread. I knew right then, I was made for embroidery and embroidery was for me. I didn’t even know how to begin this journey but I knew it was my journey. I went and bought a machine that I didn’t have the first clue of even how to turn it on or what the word “digitizing” meant. All I knew at the time was, I will be the very best. By the grace of God, he has allowed people to come into my life and assist me along my journey. He has also allowed me to assist other in their embroidery business. Everything I have learned, I have freely shared with anyone who has wanted to learn. I don’t like seeing bad embroidery. Therefore, I share the knowledge so everyone can be wear beautiful embroidery with pride. I have always heard that if you do what you love as a career, you will never work another day. I have done what I love for over 15 years. I worked a full time job at an embroidery shop while also working at home embellishing and personalizing items for people who didn’t fit the “production quota” or minimum piece order. I absolutely loved it! EVERYONE should have the opportunity to have an embroidery masterpiece whether your 2 year old doodles an art piece for you and you want to preserve it in stitches or whether you have a corporation and need 600 hats. 

As I step out on faith exclusively as a startup embroidery business, I pray the Lord keeps me humble and thankful for each and every person, each and every order. While some may say, “it’s just business,” it’s personal to me. That’s why I’m keeping personalization personal.

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